Taking on more “Jobs”

CoverImage5No, not like a Thief that can also cast White Mage spells. (That is actually a really good idea; I am going to try that in my next Bravely Default play through.) I am talking about those tasks that are presented in various raid encounters requiring players to switch up their tactics.

But I don’t do anything but hit/heal/get hit by stuff, what are you talking about?

That’s OK! I want to broaden your idea of a raid encounter. This is most prominent in the mythic setting but it does creep into heroic/normal in most circumstances, as the penalty for not doing this extra task is often diminished outside of mythic.

We need examples! And I won’t use Gorefiend

A prominent and relevant example is Xhul’horac. Aside from his atrocious name pronunciation; seriously say it out loud, it’s gross, this encounter has the wonderfully fun “Job” of clearing fire. Most circumstances will have a Rogue using feint and DRing the damage for the entire encounter. Rogues often are the ones who get to do these fun Jobs. This is where you come in! As a healer, encounters often times are boring for long stretches then suddenly super stressful! Then boring. It’s a cycle; and if you know your raiders well enough you know where the spikes in damage will go “those raiders” “the guy who stands in all the fire” etc.

Why does any of this matter to a healer? Well, not only giving your Rogue another person to help with clearing fire, it gives you the practice of healing whilst performing a secondary task. Multitasking! I hear people yell from the crowd, yes it is. And I might be in the minority but it’s super fun! Obviously this is being taken as a broad statement and not every healer can do every “job” or extra task in these raid encounters but its pretty clear when you can. The flamethrowers on Brakenspore is another example.

Managing the careful balance of clearing fire, without stacking debuffs, while raid/tank healing, and dropping grounding totems to catch the Void Fire is super engaging. (yes that’s a thing #RestoShamanPower) Do consider taking on the “Job” in your next raid and improve as you move through your Resto Shaman career.

Conclusion-type wording below

Basically; have fun with your Shaman and don’t be afraid to try out tasks in a raid. Volunteer for these jobs and you might be surprised at how often you are recognized for clearing fire properly, or burning the Brakenspore goo away from your friends.

Thanks for reading and until next time. Nop ❤

Taking on more “Jobs”

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